Tuesday, July 29, 2008

End of July - 2008

Hello. Well, I wrote my first blog then things got a little crazy. As many of you know, my grandfather passes away a few weeks ago. It was completely expected, but still hard when it happens. That kind of threw a loop in my schedule and caused me to be out of town for a week. It was nice spending time with family, but it was a little long. I also ended up spending my 30th birthday in Madison, Wisconsin - it was the day after the funeral. I didn't want to fly home on my birthday!!

I'm not sure if they are necessarily "stay-cation" activities, but I did experience a new place....The VooDoo Lounge at Harrah's Casino. My friend Ashley threw me one of the best VIP parties ever for my 30th birthday! I have never had more fun! I had a bunch of friends come and even my brother drove in from St Louis! I had a great time!!! My co-workers also had a lunch for me the following week to celebrate and they had a cake with my business picture on it! It was so cute! (When I figure out how to attach pictures, I'll attach it!)

I plan on getting back on my stay-cation activities soon. I have a few things planned in August. It helps that my cousin will be in town from New Jersey and I want to show her around! I already have plans to take her to the College Basketball Experience & the Boulevard Tour. I'm sure we will go other places as well!! She's never been here!

Hope everyone is having a great summer...I can't believe it's almost August!

oh, and today's is Abby's 2nd birthday! :)

Friday, July 11, 2008

Kansas City Stay-Cation


Well, here's my first attempt at a blog! I'm excited.

As you know, I am taking a stay-cation this year. I am going to (finally) see some of the sites of Kansas City!! I guess I should also explain how this all got started. I meet with a few fellow Realtors every Wednesday morning for an "accountability" meeting. We call ourselves NINJA's after a group of agents in Colorado who started the idea of holding each other accountable, positive thinking....kind of like "The Secret"...but before it was popular.

My Stay-cation has started off GREAT!! I decided to start June 20th - the official day of summer, which also happened to be "take your dog to work day." And YES, that is a REAL day...not "Jodi created!" The girls had a GREAT time at the office. They greated clients and ran around making sure everyone was busying.

The weekend of June 28th-29th was busy! Saturday, June 28th my friend Jen and I went down to the Power & Light District for their first art fair. It was great! There were some great artist from all over - and I even found a few things I "needed." Sunday, June 29th, I met some of my fellow Realtors (they are the reason for the stay-cation) at the Duck Derby on the Plaza. I'd never been before. It was fun....and thankfully the ducks moved faster than I thought they would! There were a ton of people and even a performance by the Marching Cobras. (If you've never seen them - they are a band of kids - they are AWESOME!)

July 4th I met with my fellow Realtors and we went down to the Crossroads district and First Friday's. We went into all the great galleries. After we spent July 4th night on the roof of one of the cities fabulous condos watching fireworks from all over the city. I think we had one of the BEST views around!!

I've got a few other things scheduled and some other ideas, but I am ALWAYS looking for ideas...and people to stay-cation with!!

Let me know if you'd like to join me for anything!!

Here's to a great summer in KC!!