Thursday, January 28, 2010


As many of you know, there is a serial rapist in the Waldo area (which is VERY close to my house). I am a bit scared, but I'm also upset. I am upset that there is someone out there that is tourmenting women and making us all feel unsafe in our own homes. This weekend he attacked two more women (he attacked two last year). One of these women was letting in (or out) her dog when he pushed inside. My dogs LOVE being outside so many times I will just leave the door open while they are outside. I know this isn't the smartest idea, but I really do feel safe in my area. (not to mention the four big dogs that live next door that can scare a stranger!) However, with all that is going on, I let the girls out and relock the door behind them. I also look outside before opening the door. I got an email from a friend that suggested you have mace, pepper spray or something in your hand when opening the door. I'll be heading to get some pepper spray today. I hate that I have to do this...but safetly is most important!

On a related safety note, I had lunch with my friend Katie yesterday and we talked about this situation. Today I got an email from her telling me that my name and ALL of my contact information was easily accessable online! I thought I had deleted my name from search engines in the past (I believe either google or mapquest) but she found me on TWO sites!!! Since she's so great, she sent me the sites and the links to remove my information! I want everyone to have this information as well! The second site even said who my relatives where!! (and they live in St Louis!!) - If you go to this site and type your information in, you can scroll to the bottom of the page and you will see "Is this you, remove your listing". is the second site. You can go to their optout site to have your information removed.

I highly recommend doing this! I am so greatful to have friends that are looking out for me and my safety!! I took a self defense class last year and I'm thinking about retaking it. You can NEVER be too careful!

Monday, January 4, 2010

The Basic Tools Every Homes Should Have

My dad taught me early on that before you make a major purchase, you must check Consumer Reports. I checked it before buying my Toyota 4 Runner almost 10 years ago...and the car is running strong with over 158k miles! I just recently used the online site to research flat screen tvs. Thanks to my research, I ended up with a 50in flat screen tv (vs the 32in I was planning on getting!).

A few months back (maybe it's been a year, I'm not sure), I got an ad for a new magazine - ShopSmart which is from the people at Consumer Reports. It's an ad-free magazine with great information and research on many items. Of course I purchased a subscription!! The latest magazine had an article on the basic tools every home should have. I thought that was worth passing on. Here's what they say:

1. Utility Knife - handy for slicing through boxes, carpet, and other tough stuff; in a pinch, it can scratch out old grout. Look for a retractable blade with spares.

2. Little Haacksaw - handy for getting into small places to make difficult cutting jobs easy. It can also cut through wood and metal, such as an extended bolt.

3. Tongue-and-groove Pliers - handy for gripping fasteners and hardware. Look for a multiposition type that also works as a wrench.

4. Needle-nose Pliers - handy for cutting through thin wire and gripping small objects. They're great for working in tight spaces.

5. Curved Claw Hammer - handy for driving and yanking nails. Look for a comfortable feeling in your hand. A common midweight hammer is 16 ounces.

6. Cordless Drill - handy for assembling and disassembling furniture, hanging shelves and pictures, installing curtain rods, and more.

7. Multibit Screwdriver - handy for tightening and loosening screws. Look for a set that includes bits for slotted and Phillips screws, the two most common types.

You can also buy a kit that has many of these items. Not tested, but shown in ShopSmart was the Apollo 39-piece tool kit, $29.99 @

Happy New Year!!

Happy New Year! Can you believe it's already 2010?? Wow.

Are you going to say Two Thousand Ten OR Twenty Ten? I still haven't decided. I'll probably switch it up! I wrote a check the other day and was so proud that I actually wrote the correct year! (not sure if I'll remember the next time though!)

I spent New Years Eve with friends at a shin-dig at the A-Loft Hotel in Leawood. What a fun place! It is the new hip & contemporary Hotel in Leawood. I didn't get a chance to try RA Sushi which is connected to it, but I do plan on trying it soon!