Monday, March 22, 2010

All Aboard the Trolley!

I love experiencing new things!! Last Tuesday one of the agents in my office planned a tour to Sugar Creek, MO so we could all see one of his listings. He rented the Trolley so we could go in style!

Sugar Creek, MO is just past Independence. The property we visited - 4018 N River Blvd - was built in 1932 and is the highest point in Jackson County. The original family still owns the property which once had 5 houses on the property. Currently there is the main house and an additional home with two separate living areas. The owners have done updates but have tried to keep with the 1930s style.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Safety Check

With a rapist on the loose in the Waldo (south Kansas City) Area, the Kansas City Police Department are offering FREE safety checks for area residents. I had mine this morning. I wanted to share the information that the cops shared with me.

Front Door - Make sure there is a 1 in throw on the dead bolt. If it has a screw inside that's even better. This makes it harder for the door to be kicked open and the screw stops someone from sawing the deadbolt. Also, make sure the door jam is secured with 3 in screws, again to reinforce it. It helps to have a metal door so that it is not easily kicked in.

Windows - Keep your windows locked. If you have safety stoppers, make sure they are out. This makes it so that they window can only be opened so far if left unlocked.

Sliding Doors - Make sure you have a 2X4 or something blocking the door from being slid open. Also, install 2 screws in the top door jam so the door can slide open but can not be lifted out.

Basement Doors - If your basement door is like mine and has windows, install cross mess across the windows (with screws & washers) to stop someone from breaking the window and getting in.

Basement Windows - Install bars inside the home so no one can get inside - especially if they are the older windows.

Lighting - Keep your lights on ALL night. A well lit house is the #1 deterrent for a bad guy!!

Using an alarm is up to you. The positive is that you are aware that someone is in your house (whether you are home or not) and can act accordingly.

The police department is following up on EVERY lead (including someone who called saying the rapist was working the drive-thru window at McDonald's) and will hopefully find this guy soon!! Be aware. Be Safe!