Saturday, November 8, 2008

Friday's Lesson....

Friday's Lesson of the day....
Just BUY new curtains!!

My curtains needed to be cleaned so I decided to take them to the dry cleaners. Now, my initial reaction was to just toss them and go to Target and get new ones. (I'm sure that's where they were from anyway!). BUT, I convinced myself that that was being wasteful and I needed to just get them cleaned. And of course instead of looking through my coupon book (which I typically do), I just went to the closest place (between my house and office) so they'd GET THERE! Well, I picked them up yesterday for $35!! I think they probably cost around $30 at Target. So, the moral of the story...


(hey, at least I can pass this lesson along and someone else will learn!)

Monday, November 3, 2008

Negative, Negative, Negative....can we PLEASE be positive!!

Is anyone else sick of all the NEGATIVE political ads! I can't wait for this election to be over...for a number of reasons! I am soooo sick of all the negative ads. How exciting would it be to have an election that only had POSITIVE ads. I guess either way this will all (hopefully) be over tomorrow and no matter what your beliefs, we will make history this year! (which is pretty darn cool!!!) Oh, and I learned that we have MANY more ads than other states (my friend Laci in Texas told me that when she was in town this weekend)

In an effort positive, I'm going to let you know a few things I'm thankful for....
- That I have great friends (who don't freak out when I accidently back into their cars...thanks Jen!)
- That I have some of the coolest clients. I'm invited to weddings, baby showers & birthdays, called when they learn they are adopting, etc. I am very proud to say that many of my clients are now my friends!!
- That it is Nov 3rd and we have AWESOME weather!! I love the warm weather!!!
- That the damage to my car is minimal and can be easily fixed! (need an autobody shop...try Fineline Restoration -
- Did I mention the weather is nice??
- That I may sell some of my mosaics! Yeah for making $$ on a hobby!!
- My new office is great!

...ok, I'm sure there are many many more things that make me happy (one of my friends swears I'm always happy...hey, you gotta fake it til you make it, right??) but that's enough for now. I need to go get a few things done!

Well, don't forget to vote tomorrow. I'm hopeful that I won't have to stand in line for hours...I'm trying to be optomistic...though some may say it's just plain DENIAL! haha. Either way, I'm going to go and stand in line...and probably make a few new friends along the way :)

Happy Monday!